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You stab yourself in the heart
With a poison filled barb
We call it depression and
We're ready to medicate
Pop the pills and the pain
Goes away, and you give in
Welcome another happy addict


Cut the skin from my bones
The disgusting sinner falls away
Digitally stimulated and disconnected
Cake the make up on the slut
Remove the tumor implanted within
Fuck the regret you feel, it isn't real
Let loose the anger cannon inside your heart
Explosive emotions fill up the emptiness
Drug me up and spit me out


Eat the sins of your maker
Devour the love you feel
Atone for your imperfection
With pain you will pay
Tear away life, piece by piece
Skeletal regret will never repent


Lick the plastic breast of falsity.
Worship the idol of 'perfection'.
Dance around the store-bought hero.
Celebrate the mundane creativity.
Give into the bland world they've made for you.


Like a nurse stabs the needle, I plunge into chaos
Rip it, claw it, get rid of the emotions
The puppet only dances to the misery song you made
Your tongue is torture to my dead flesh
Inside of me is the empty pit you dug into my soul


I'll cut off your legs
So you can never
I'll cut off your tongue
So you can never say
I'll cut out your soul
So the pain won't
There on my floor
Love is all you'll ever


What's the difference anyway?
What's the difference anyway?
What's the difference anyway?
What's the difference anyway?
What's the difference anyway?


Look upon the water
Visions flash before your
Standing upon the rock
Wind blowing through your
Throw yourself in
With eyes filled with
Splashing into the water
Feel it fill up your
Drowning in tears no more
Spending last moments in their
Floating for days
Dreaming of your love


You are the goddess
You are the purity
An idol for worship
From a land so far
Hear my prayers
Bow down to you
The perfect goddess
Untarnished beauty
In awe of your light
I adore your avatar


Now I've realized
What I must do
I must grow again
Just like before
I became a new man
I shed off childhood
Now I must do it again
Throw away this me
Who's life becomes mangled
By his own doings
And destroys himself
Through guilt and torture.
I will awaken
As a beautiful new me
Striving for something better
A perfect version to replace
The broken one I live in.


I hate this.
Just another,
Fucked up situation.
I thought you,
Were taking it away.
But in all honesty,
It's not yours to take.
And I thought that,
I would just stop feeling.
Now I know it,
All I can do is love you.


Zombifie the brains
Undead full-life lived
Ghostly rock and roll
Midnight party vampire
Poppin' pills for phantoms
Frankenstein dreamers
Sleep off the death wish


Dreaming of your lips
Pressed against mine
Wanting your skin
To touch mine
Feeling this love
Wash over me
Wishing your eyes
Would meet mine
Longing for your touch
More and more each day


This fire inside me
Burns in my core
Powered by petrol
Black smoke pours out
Of this murder machine
Pushing the device
Closer and closer
To destroying everything


I'm a freak,
I know you like it.
And I'm a creep,
But I know you love it.
I'm a fool,
I know you want it.
And I'm a loser,
But I know I need it.


Lost in the abyss
Forgotten by the world
Alone in the void
Unplugged from life
Complete disconnection
Lost in darkness
Detached from the soul


I am the blackest stain
A cancer on the earth
Diseased and sick
Spreading and growing
Covering it with hate


Feeling fake
Plastic on the
Inside of me
Filled with lies
Held with pins
And thread
Glass eyes
Stare on Forever


Beautiful eyes
Hide the hate

Beautiful lips
Curse the flesh

Beautiful hands
Crush the heart

Beautiful sins
Break the will

Beautiful minds
Make good fools


Life is like carrying a hand grenade in your mouth
Try hard not to swallow the misery and regret
No matter what it's going to get you
It's pin could be pulled at any minute
So live life like you've got a hand grenade in your mouth


In the heat it withers
Curled and bleached
Bones exposed
Alone, it's corpse sits
Crushed to death
The last moments
Lying proudly
For everyone to see


In heaven so high
Watching down on me
Amused by suffering
Vengeful visions
Missiles of hate
Radiating eden
Break down the gates
Because he's easy to blame
For what's wrong with me.


Is the sky still blue?
Looking up, I only see black.
The earth and the horizon,
Blend into this void.
Hours seem like days.
Days seem like years.
Lost in a starless sky.
Trapped forever in this nexus.


The heavens themselves would shake as we kiss.
The earth would tremble as our lips touch.
Gods would cower in fear as our bodies collide.
Universes would birth and die in our lustful wake.
Passion would render all existence meaningless.
Time itself would fracture under the weight of our love.


I sit upon my thrown of misery.
No one understands the way this feels.
This emptiness within me.
All alone, dark and strange.
The gashes let the hate bleed out.
Crimson liquid is the poetry of my soul.


Silence seals my lips
Eternal night awaits
At the end of the spiral
Toward the end we race
Faster and Faster
Ever closer to the edge
Where no one returns
Daylight turns to Shadow
Fallen husk remains
Only a broken doll


The seed of love,
Within my chest,
Growing, blooming
Roots tangle my heart
Forever grown though
Your love is within me.


This black abyss
An open void
Empty and dark
Trapping me forever
I can't escape from it
No one can save me
They don't even know I'm here
In this black abyss.


No angel from above
Could understand this hell
The torment and agony
It worsens day by day
A Vice Tightens around me
Squeezing out the joy
Little by little, I die from within
All that will be left is my shell
Left behind by a withered soul.


I sit atop a tower
Made from my despise
Of the world below
The wind is cold and bitter
But it is more friendly than most
I sit atop my tower
Watching the people below
They've forgotten about me up here
But that's okay, I prefer it that way.


The blackness is creeping into me
Dying my soul to match the midnight
Love and joy are drown out by it
Isolation and misery are it's only hues
It takes me over, more and more
I can no longer resist
This darkness has overwhelmed me
Swallowing up every last bit of light.


Clouds envelop my soul
Taking away the sunshine
Leaving a baron wasteland
A poison minefield of emotions
Covered in thorns and barbs
Cutting and ripping away my sanity
Not a single flower will bloom
In this dead garden


The blackness,
Clouded vision,
From under it,
I await this damnation,
Frigid and cold,
This lonesome life,
Vanishes in an instant.


This abandoned heart,
Sits in my chest,
Waiting for a warm touch,
To free it from it's prison,
Emotions are the key,
hatred is the lock.


One slash, the darkness creeps in.
Two slash,  crimson life pours out.
Three slash, undoing your mistake.
Four slash, death clutches my chest.
Five slash, growing colder within.
Six slash, the emptiness takes over.
Seven slash, it is no more.


Darkness is his will.
You will succumb.
Bowing before his grace.
Severing your humanity.
Rebirth will take place.
The mask has been removed.
And a monster is born.


Broken heart.
This angel is not mine.
She will leave by force.
Her smile is crimson.
Eyes as bright as midnight.
Posed in the moment.
Destroyed in beauty.


The idiot is you.
Pretend genius.
Your laugh is faketicious.
Lie after lie.
You thought you were better.
And now you're another bitch.
Living in the dirt.
With a fatherless child.
Just like the rest.


Floating in a sea of colors.
I am the ugly one.
Misshapen and deformed.
All the others are loved.
Hated is all that I am.
Drifting along, all alone.
In this vibrant ocean.


I scream your name in silence.
Bleeding hearts begin to heal.
Wars are won and lost from within.
Fears are set aside for this complex emotion.
It tugs at your very being.
Your soul forever bound to more than a face.
But another soul.


A heart by itself is lonesome.
It begs for another like itself.
Seeking undying love.
Wishing to find the one,
That makes it whole.
Missing parts that were lost.
Finishing it's grand design.
Becoming one with another.
This is human nature,
That is the struggle of life.


Searching for this ultimate expression.
Words so powerful to express these feelings.
Nothing spoken can compare with them.
The impossible task is mine,
Showing you the true nature of my love.
In words so small,
I must accomplish something so big.


This heart beats faster and faster.
It's beat forms a rythem.
A tone ever pounding withing my chest.
Symphonies drown out from it's noise.
Wailing to this devilish beat.
Singing in sync with yours.


Stoned as an outcast.
I am the heretic witch.
Forever this black sheep.
Living in suicide dreams.
Shunned from your eyes.
This is filth that crawls before you.
Kill me, end me, as only you can.


The serpent devours it's tail.
Consuming itself eternally.
A never ending spiral downward.
Stars flicker and die with time.
But this pain is forever.
A massive un-healing wound.
Spill your blood, die in grief.
To end your damnation.


I lie in this tomb.
Surrounded by this dust.
Of lost memories.
Long since dead,
Staring into the abyss.
Eyes dark and black.
Draw in the world.
Like endless pits.


You are my torment.
The raven to Poe.
The ever beating heart.
Beneath the floorboards.
The madness stirs.
The beast awakens.
Chains of restraint are broken.
The blood rains down.
The tears of heaven fall.


Red blood.
Leaks like ink.
Spilling upon the paper.
Leaving you a note.
Of sarrow and pain.
It's message forever clear.


Wishing I was dead.
Giving up this passion.
Angel tears won't fall for me.
Crushing dirt awaits me.
Rotting within the earth.
Forgotten by the world above.
Clutching this rose until it decays.
Leaving a lonely, withered corpse.


What have I done
Have I ruined your smiling face
Is this unforgivable
Can I really keep on living
If you won't smile anymore
A guilty pain is eating me
If I can't be forgiven
Then I am lost...


Pure heart is purest
Not the porno fake
Unbreakable soul
Soul of solid steel
Will to break the world
Strength to tear the chains
This dream will not be denied


I hate what you are,
I'm going to kill you,
I'm going to wipe you from the earth,
Like a sick disease,
Ceasing your spread.

I am your exterminator,
You are the virus,
Your twisted wreckage will bleed and die,
And I will stand over you,
Victorious and triumphant.

I hate who you are,
You'll see who I am,
Snapping at you like a rabid dog,
I'll be the hated,
You'll be the hater.

We'll see who I am.


I can hear your heart beating...
Does it beat just for me..?
I can feel you breathing...
Do you breathe just for me..?
I can hear your voice...
Do you speak just for me..?
I know your soul...
Does it belong just to me..?


Don't be afraid,
Of my digital love.
I know it's too much,
But what can I do?
All of these things I feel,
Need some sort of expression.
You try to escape,
This real emotion.
You fear my commitment,
And I fear your indifference.


I am my own destroyer.
Breaking myself down.
So you'll see how much pain,
I'm in.
I know it's a selfish way,
To get your attention.
But look away when you're,
Covered in my blood.
I just don't know how to find
The way out.
Find me, and save me.
Before I kill myself.


A pain within
My skull.
Pounding, throbbing.
Threatening to
Break out.
Growing more and more

The heart beats
Ever darker.
Sinking, withering.
Falling lower and hitting
The bottom.
Growing more and more


Much better off,
Not feeling anything at all.  
These things called emotions,
Are nothing but a burden
This soul is just an incurable,
Untreatable, fatal disease.


And then slip
Into the blackness
Within the heart
Nothing but a stain
To try and forget
Okay. I combined most of my poems that I didn't feel deserved their own deviation (and some that did) into one great big pile of them for people not to read. Figured I'd be efficient about it. So there you go, feel free to not-read away.

*EDIT* 06/30/07
Added one new poem. It's at the bottom.

*EDIT* 07/01/07
I'm going through some shit, leave me alone. Three new poems, like you care. At the bottom.

*EDIT* 07/02/07
Today I learned something. So I wrote two new poems. This time it's at the top, I thought that would be easier. I've realized I have to change for the better. I just wonder what the new me will be like...

*EDIT* 07/04/07
One new poem written today. The one at the very top.

*EDIT* 07/07/07
Two new poems. See upper most two.

*EDIT* 07/12/07
One new poem. Right there at the top.

*EDIT* 12/08/07
To celebrate my return I give you a few new poem for my friends who watch me who are new. I love you guys.

*EDIT* 12/13/07 1:59am.
Eat me.

*EDIT* 12/15/07 10:45am
I want to become a happy addict..
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just recently i've been hooked and obsessed with poetry and so far your's are my favorite
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Thank you! You flatter me with your kindness
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You're very welcome but Instead I should thank you for making these beautiful pieces~ 
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Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.
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my fave is I'll cut off your legs
So you can never
I'll cut off your tongue
So you can never say
I'll cut out your soul
So the pain won't
There on my floor
Love is all you'll ever

Ganguro666 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012
Oh well thank you, I always appreciate hearing that people like my poems.
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Thank you very much my friend! A great episode, very true to what I was feeling with that poem.
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i like them and can you read mine and tell me wat you think
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smilexhoneyxx Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2009
I can relate to these ones so much. I cant pick my favorite, i love them all.
Amazing job :]
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smilexhoneyxx Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
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Wow your really good. Mine are all crappy T__T not enought hate, love whatever. Im not nearly good as you.
Anywayz Great poemz I loved them ^^
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Thanx :D
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madnessbaby Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009
So many of these are so dark.
I feel like you are really angry.
It was really intense reading them, and so many.
I like the way they are written as if you just had a quick thought and jotted it down in such a poetic way.
Really good man!
Ganguro666 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009
Thanks so much! You pretty much hit the nail on the head there. It's refreshing to really know that somebody gets it!
devendeven123 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
I love it u are a great poet soo true!!!
SlowDecay666 Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really really love these
theyre showing me im not the only one who gets angry

im going through a tough time with a guy and these helped me alot
Ganguro666 Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
I'm really glad you liked them, and that they helped you out. Thanks for the lovely comment.
SushiNinjas Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
i love these, they are really good :heart:
Ganguro666 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
Thank you very much! Glad you like them.
Toadsanime Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
lol, awesome poems! A great combination and a great amount of them XD
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